Singer Known as "madonna"
Tries to Make a Comeback

In an effort to get those Mp3 downloads moving on i-tunes, the singer known as "madonna" has once again stepped into the spotlight, accepting an invitation from the high priestess of the culture of death (aka CEO of planned parenthood). She has sadly made a career out of mocking Our Blessed Mother, putting forth her best effort to make herself in the "anti-Mary" through all the songs she has sung over the years.

Therefore, she has made millions and millions of dollars by promoting herself as the exact opposite of the most beautiful of God's creations.

This would mean that she is trying to be the ugliest creature on earth.

Note that the mockery of Catholicism is typical of rock stars. I wonder what they would sing about if they didn't have the Church to make fun of, our our Dear Lord Jesus to blaspheme.

I ask anyone reading this to pray that the singer known as "madonna" have a late vocation and become a Carmelite Nun.

I want also to pose a question (to the radical feminists):

They are the ones who promote men "marrying" other men and men attempting to turn themselves into women through surgery (I have not heard of one case of a woman trying to turn herself into a man through such self-mutilation).

Therefore, if one of those victims of radical feminism allegedly has himself turned into a woman, and that person becomes President, would that person become known as the first woman President, satisfying the radical femenists?

God Bless us all.