George Lucas so obviously copied a Friar’s habit and called his fictional version of a holy man a “jedi”.

The Star Wars franchise is the ultimate “new age” film series. “New age” meaning that it is represents the manipulation of spirituality to make it do the things we want it to do, as opposed to true Christianity where we seek to serve God.

Listen to “Yoda’s” words: “Life creates it (the force)…” meaning that we make “the force” rather than God being our creator.  That is the essence of “new age (which is really hinduism) spirituality”; the false idea that “I am God”, which is, of course, blasphemy.

There is also an element of witchcraft; the idea that there are “good witches” and “bad witches”.

Also, there is the element of “don’t trust anyone over 30” as Luke Skywalker defies the wise old religious men (if we can call Yoda a man), and puts more faith in his impulses, perhaps saying do anything to go along with your “friends” no matter what your “out-dated” parents say.

The only reason I started watching the movies back in the early 80’s was because I had a neighbor who had a Star Wars toy. Since then, the toy companies drained my pockets of any paper route money I made on a few Star Wars toys, but mostly G.I. Joe.

I will admit I am still quite entertained by the films, but they must be viewed with a vigilant, informed eye.


©2015 Leonardo Lucenti