The Legion Pledge

                 In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

                 I promise to promote by word and deed what is morally and artistically good in motion picture entertainment.

                 I promise to discourage indecent, immoral and unwholesome motion pictures, especially by my good example, and always in a responsible and civic-minded manner.

                 I promise to guide those under my care and influence in their choice of motion pictures that are morally and culturally inspiring.

                 I promise not to cooperate by my patronage with theaters which regularly show objectionable films.

                 I promise as a member of the Legion of Decency to acquaint myself with its aims to consult its classifications and to unite with all men of good will in promoting high and noble standards in motion picture entertainment.

                 I freely make these solemn resolutions to the honor of God for the good of my soul and for the welfare of my country. Amen.